The National Capital Region abounds with world-class museums, galleries and first class performance venues but beautiful art lives beyond the walls of our many heritage buildings and alongside our many  historical sites.  Along the pathways, in the parks and throughout the meticulously maintained green spaces, garden beds designed and planted to change with the seasons present gorgeous living canvases for all to enjoy. Take in Ottawa Gatineau's natural and artistic beauty with our Garden Promenade  - a showcase of 40 gardens offering more than 75 unique garden experiences. The Garden Promenade includes the Rideau Canal UNESCO World Heritage site, bicycle and pedestrian pathways. You’ll see prestigious historical landmarks and attractions. Special garden attractions, artistic installations and themed events and optional tours provide so many reasons for you to get into our gardens. The Garden Promenade is led by Gardens Ottawa. Garden Promenade is supported by Landscape Ontario, National Capital Commission, Tourism Outaouais, City of Gatineau, Just Food as well as our hotel, restaurant and tourism partners.
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