Sussex Drive Garden Route

Tour the spectacular gardens and heritage found along Canada’s best-known street!

Route Length: 

2.4 km
Covers the following Gardens:
  1. Rideau Hall
    1. Rose Garden
    2. Formal Perennial Garden (private)
    3. Entry Garden
    4. Garden of Canadian Governors-General
    5. Grove of Dedicated Trees
    6.  Meditation Garden
    7. Nut Grove
    8. Greenhouses
    9. Palm House
    10. Shade Garden
    11. Inuit Garden
    12. Kitchen and Herb Garden
  2. 50 Sussex
    1. International Peace Garden
    2. Rose Garden
  3. Char Bagh Garden –Aga Khan Foundation Canada
  4. Forecourt Garden – Global Centre for Pluralism
  5. National Gallery of Canada
    1. Taiga Garden
    2. Sunken Garden
    3. Fred & Elizabeth Fountain Garden Court
  6. Major’s Hill Park Gardens
  7. Jeanne D’Arc Courtyard Gardens

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