Gatineau’s Brewery Creek Gardens Self-Guided Tour

A. Jardins du Parc du Portageur/Portageur Park Gardens

Address: 2 Montcalm Street, Gatineau QC J8X 4B4.

Services for Visitors: Parking $ Nearby – Bicycle Racks – Wheelchair Accessible – Child Friendly – Eating Areas

Description: For hundreds of years, Portageurs Park was used as a portage point by Indigenous peoples, fur traders, and explorers travelling the Ottawa River. Stop and admire the impressive sculpture Boat Sight in this unique setting combining natural and industrial features.

B. Jardins du Parc de la francophonie/ Francophonie Park Gardens

Address: 11 Rue Montcalm, Gatineau, QC J8X 4B4.

Services for Visitors: Parking $ Nearby – Bicycle Racks – Wheelchair Accessible – Child Friendly – Eating Areas

Description: Just west of Chaudiere bridge, the park is nestled between Boulevard Alexandre-Taché and the Ottawa River. A beautiful scenic space, it features several statues paying homage to the early settlers of the region who would portage at this location. Located on Montcalm Street in Gatineau, the park has public benches and bike racks.

C. Jardins du Théâtre de l’île/ Théâtre de l’île Gardens

Address: 1 Rue Wellington, Gatineau, QC J8X 2H3. Services for Visitors: Parking $ – Bicycle Racks – Washrooms – Wheelchair Accessible

Description: Built in 1886, this former water tower is now home to the Théâtre de l’Île and is a most beautiful site. The first municipal theatre in Quebec, it provides a magical meeting site for local and visiting audiences and artists.

Gardens of the Théâtre de l’Île: Perennial plants are favored to give a more rustic atmosphere. The choice of plants is made according to their hardiness, their tolerance to drought, and the degree of sunshine.

D. Jardins du Ruisseau de le Brasserie/ Ruisseau de le Brasserie Gardens       

Location: Sentier du Ruisseau de la BrasserieAddress: 69 Montcalm Street, Gatineau QC J8X 2L5.

Services for Visitors: Parking $ – Washrooms – Wheelchair Accessible – Child Friendly – Eating Areas

Description: Brewery Creek is a small creek that forms the northern and western shores of Île Hull. Originally it was at the heart of Hull’s industrial sector, with several factories. This included several breweries, from which it gets its name. In the 1980s the area was refurbished by the National Capital Commission. Its pollution removed; it has become a popular location for birders. The initial hub for the industrial development of Hull, this stream retains a unique architecture, preserved by its inhabitants, and features opulent residences, public artwork and gardens marking different points in the origins of the city and region.


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